Are you sick of overriding and pretending everything is awesome when sometimes it's not!? 

Let’s face it. We’ve all got our shit. And we’re doing the best that we can given what we know how to do. Hopefully you know that you can 'do better and suck less'. And that's why you want to work with me.

My approach may be a little different then what you've experienced.

To me, what's important is to work with the nervous system to change the patterns and habits that are holding you back physically and mentally. Using talk and touch techniques you will discover how to approach your relationships, work life, active life, and personal appreciation in a totally new genuine way.  

Ready to make a change? Book your session and lets make this happen!
Commit to finding better regulation and flow in your nervous system!

Please note that if you are interested in doing sessions online I offer a FREE 30 minute consult/get to know each other video call to establish a connection and understanding of what to expect before we begin this work.