Thanks for signing up for something you probably know little about. What’s wonderful is that you are ready to make a change. I believe this work will really influence how you live your life. 

I suspect you may be slightly nervous, trying out something new with no idea on what to expect. The truth is, I too have no idea where this work will take you. It’s all up to what you and your nervous system are ready to explore and shift. That’s what I love about this work!

Here’s a little low down which hopefully makes you feel a little more prepared and aware of what’s ahead. 

First off, we will work together by conversing over Skype or in person. The difference with this work is that the story/conversation isn’t what’s important (although it has a purpose). What we will be exploring is what you are experiencing in your body during the session.

Here's an example.

Let's pretend today is YOUR birthday. As soon as you imagine this what comes up? Excitement? You have big plans and you're looking forward to celebrating and you know it'll be a good time!?  Or is there a bit (or a lot) of uncertainty? Doubt. No one really cares. No one's going to do anything for me. People won't remember. Deep down you kind of hate this day. You don't really feel like it's worth celebrating. Sit with this for a moment, pretending it's your birthday and notice how do you feel this in your body? Do you notice any sensations? Are there thoughts that come to mind? A memory? An urge?

What are you experiencing RIGHT NOW. Maybe there’s a heaviness. Or a shrinking feeling. Or the urge to hide. Or there’s a vibration. Or a lightness. Or the urge to smile. There are SO many things you could experience based on how you (consciously and subconsciously) feel about your birthday based on your association to the ‘special’ day.

The key to this work is to explore and understand the language of your nervous system in the here and now. To befriend it and be curious within it. To build your awareness of how you manage over stimulation (ie anxiety), shutdown (i.e. depression) and everywhere in-between. Through this things will begin to shift at a deeper level leading to you find better flow and regulation in life

Please remember that this takes time. Think of it as the opportunity to peel through the layers. As Shrek says. We’re like onionsNot cake or parfait!

Helpful tips for our sessions together:

  • Make sure you’re comfortable and in a setting that feels safe to you. 
  • Having an idea of what you want to work with is helpful (but not needed). An example of this could be: 
    - An event (recent or in the past) that brought up some sort of activation. 
    - An event such as a car accident, attack, threat etc.
    - An area in your body which you experience constant pain or discomfort.
  • If we’re doing sessions on Skype, please make sure your camera is set up so I can see your whole body and you aren’t wearing black or dark colours. This makes seeing what your body is doing easier for me. 

When you feel ready, please fill out this form. This can be before or after we start working together. No rush. The purpose for it is to give me a better understanding about where you’re at and PLUS it gives us a beginning point which we can reflect back to after working together over time to see how things have changed. 

I’m really looking forward to working with you. 

Until then, seek out things that bring you pleasure and invite a curiosity into the language of your nervous system.