Want to do yoga, but don't have time to go to class? Then check out these videos!

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STYLE: Mellow Yoga. Chill!!!!

Find Flow Yoga videos here. And Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement videos here.

Sunset Yoga. This session is all about getting a sense of yourself in space. Feeling yourself in 3 detentions as you move through your practice. Not too chill. Not too much work. Enjoy the sunset!

Yoga in the PNW. I was camping down on the Washington coast a couple weeks back and while lying in my tent ‘moving around’ thought “Hey. I should film a yoga video in my tent!”.
But the backdrop there was too beautiful! So I still created a little series that could be done while in a tent, or in bed for that matter, but filmed the video with a view.
It’s mellow. Gets in all the right areas, and leaves you feeling mobile and ready for what’s ahead. Enjoy!

Yoga Nidra! For when your minds just a little bit ‘crazy’. Yoga Nidra. A guided meditation that will leave you refreshed and ready for ANYTHING! A great alternative to napping. Hopefully you manage to stay awake through it all… Enjoy!

** Sorry if the sound is bad. I am no pro videographer and seriously need better recording devices…

Yoga on a stormy Sunset Point. This is a mellow session. A little bit of randomness really. Some yoga. Some feldenkrais. Mainly all about exploring range of motion in your wrists and shoulders.

Candle Light Yoga. A super chill session that gets good and deep into those feet and hips. For those of you with bad knees, please be honest with yourself. If you feel something, STOP. Sit on blocks or cushions, or adjust yourself so that you are comfortable.

 Yoga at the Airport. It’s nice and mellow one filled with many of my favorite movements and poses.

Yoga on the Sea of Cortez. This session is super chill. You won’t even get to your feet! The beginning explores some breath work helping you discover a freer and deeper breath.