Want to do Feldenkrais, but don't have time to go to class? Then check out these videos!

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STYLE: Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement

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Stretch Dynamically. This video is all about gaining mobility – in a ‘dynamic stretching’ sort of way. If you know me and my teaching, you know that I think ‘stretching is overrated’. (I will go into more detail regarding this soon). This video is a great example of how it’s not about sitting there and forcefully trying to touch your toes for minutes on end to lengthen your hamstrings. Often people comment that they’re hamstrings got longer after doing this lesson then after years and years of ‘stretching’!

Connect with Your Pelvis. This months video is a feldenkrais lesson all about exploring the movement in your pelvis. When we learn to find more mobility in our pelvis we find more comfort in our low back and hips. Keep your movements simple and small. Play with finding easy and smoothness in the movements. Be curious. And most importantly enjoy!

Sit to Stand. Feldenkrais in Tofino, Canada. This is my 19th video. Crazy, right!? Man time flies! For this month I thought I would try something NEW! This is a Feldenkrais lesson. In many of my other videos I amalgamate various Feldenkrais goodies into the sessions but I have yet to do a pure, 100% Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson. So… Ta Da! Here you have it!