What in the world is Feldenkrais!?

The Feldenkrais Method® (no - it's not a cult or religion) is named after a genius of a man named Moshe Feldenkrais who was a nuclear physicist, and the first European to get his black belt in Judo back in the 30's. He created the method due to endless hours of self-rehabilitation to avoid a major surgery.

The Method is about working with your brain and body to break apart your patterns and habits, and discover new, more efficient ways of moving. 

Ultimately it's about learning how to learn.

It can be used to recover from injuries, improve performance, deal with constant pain and discomfort, improve motor skills due to brain injury or underdevelopment... really, if you have a brain and you are willing and wanting to improve yourself, Feldenkrais will help you.

You will rediscover the balance, flexibility, and coordination that exist within you, all while enhancing your mental and physical being. Pretty sweet eh!

The Method can be explored either in a guided class setting called 'Awareness Through Movement®' lesson (like in these videos) or through 'Functional Integration®'; a one on one, hands on method. The learning process is ongoing and the experience is unique to the individual since we all have different bodies.

The importance lies on the attention brought to your movements. It's all about experimenting and trial and error. Not about getting a six pack. Or forcing a stretch. Or pushing till it hurts. By exploring your habits and patterns, breaking them down into small, controlled, slow movements and better understanding how the body can move more efficiently and effectively you will discover how you are capable of so much more!

The best way to start to understand The Feldenkrais Method® is by experience it. So do some of these videos. Join me for a class. Or lets do a One on One together!