When you're too busy to think, and all you want is a nap...

Summer is more less over. The busy times have come to an end for us in Tofino, which means us locals can resurface for air, come back out to play and recover from the chaos.

I often forget what it's like to really be busy. To work (over) full time hours. To run from one job to the next. To barely have time to think. To come home to a massive 'to do list' waiting for me, when all I really want to do is watch movies and take naps...

But now that I've had the time to reflect on it all, I realize that it was well worth the insanity.

I spend my time sharing my love for yoga and surfing and get to playing in the outdoors. I work with the 20+ rad, gorgeous girls who are all solid friends. My project are all on things I'm passionate about. And I get to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Chaos can be chaotic. And often we are the ones that create it. A balance is key. If we can realize it's temporary and step back and see what's important to us then maybe we all won't be so 'crazy'!!?

Now, to decide what to do this fall/winter... Baja to start. Need some down time!? Join me!

Love Nicole

This is August's video. In September. For obvious chaotic reasons.

For when your minds just a little bit 'crazy'. Yoga Nidra. A guided meditation that will leave you refreshed and ready for ANYTHING! A great alternative to napping. Hopefully you manage to stay awake through it all... Enjoy!

** Sorry if the sound is bad. I am no pro videographer and seriously need better recording devices...