Stretching in a Dynamic sort of way.

Summer's here in Tofino!!! And with that comes endless hours of daylight to play in! My rooms a disaster, I'm avoiding sitting on my computer and my hand tan from being in my wetsuit on all these sunny days is getting pretty awesome. I love summer!!

Though we are now into July, here is Junes video.

I seem to be on a Feldenkrais kick. This month is all about gaining mobility - in a 'dynamic stretching' sort of way. If you know me and my teaching, you know that I think 'stretching is overrated'. (I will go into more detail regarding this soon). This video is a great example of how it's not about sitting there and forcefully trying to touch your toes for minutes on end to lengthen your hamstrings. Often people comment that they're hamstrings got longer after doing this lesson then after years and years of 'stretching'!

Be sure to play with finding ease and smoothness within the quality of your movements. Do less if you are holding your breath or feeling like you're forcing the movement. Be curious. Take rests as often as you need. And of course enjoy!

Love Nicole