Stop scratching on the surface. Let's go deep!

Today I turn 36! That makes me a strong, stubborn Taurus. Although a friend would argue that, according to NASA, there’s actually 13 constellations and that everyone is actually a different astrology sign then they believe… This got us on the discussion of what influences us to be Us. How the moon/planet/stars were aligned when we are born? Or (and) the influence of what happens to us pre and post natal, during our upbringing, our experiences and our environment? How much do each (or all) of these things influence who we are?

Ever since I was introduced to neuroplasticity through The Feldenkrais Method® I’ve been intrigued by how the brain can change itself. Much of what we do is a developed pattern that we have the ability to refine or even change with a bit of curiosity and learning. Feldenkrais® addresses this on a physical level through the inquiry of our movements to discover ways to be more efficient and find greater ease and potency in our actions. 

For the last 10 years I’ve been exploring this only to realize there’s so much more to it.

Our movements are unique to all of us. You can see this when you recognize a friend walking off in the distance, or in their surfing/skiing/biking style. These movements can be refined so that we can move with greater power and flow and live with less pain.

    But what about our personality? 
    What about our actions and reactions? 
    Or how we communicate? 
    And how we handle stress? 

Can we evolve or reshape our mental and behavioural ways?

Over the last couple of years I’ve been looking more into this which has led me to study Somatic Experiencing®(SE). SE focuses on the impact of trauma on the nervous system and how trauma influences our actions and reactions to daily stimuli.

What I’m learning is BLOWING MY MIND! To me it is the missing link—it makes so much sense!

I still have so much to learn and I am loving how all the studying, reading, and training is influencing my view on how we can build our capacity to be more than we allow ourselves to be. With time my practice is transitioning and I’m feeling super inspired to share things with you in the near future.

To continue learning I must practice. This is where I would love to work with YOU!

You know life can be good. Sometimes great. But you don’t always (or maybe often) feel that way. 

       The littlest things stresses you out.
       You get anxious often.
       You don't sleep well.

       You suffer from depression.
       You have chronic pain.
       You’ve lost a sense of who you are. 

You’ve tried meditating. Changing your diet. Exercising. Breathing. Thinking positively. Maybe even seen councillors or therapists. You’ve had some success. But things often get difficult again and you fall back into your regular patterns. You’re trying to make a change but feel like you’re only scratching the surface of something that’s much deeper. 

So let’s go deeper. 

Let’s work with your nervous system!


I’m currently accepting a handful of people who want to commit to finding better regulation and flow in their nervous system. We will work one on one together chatting on Skype or in person. Space is limited. Get in touch if you're interested! 

What’s different with this work compared to many other modalities is the focus is on learning the language of your nervous system and how we can shift the activation from past trauma and stress that’s stored in the body and throwing you out of whack. 

Here's an example. Let's pretend today is YOUR birthday. As soon as you imagine this what comes up? Excitement? You have big plans and you're looking forward to celebrating and you know it'll be a good time!?  Or is there a bit (or a lot) of uncertainty? Doubt. No one really cares. No one's going to do anything for me. People won't remember. Deep down you kind of hate this day. You don't really feel like it's worth celebrating. Sit with this for a moment, pretending it's your birthday and notice how do you feel this in your body? Do you notice any sensations? Are there thoughts that come to mind? A memory? An urge?

If you've had a positive experience with past birthdays, this may seem like no big deal to you. But if your birthday has caused you stress and there's a negative association to it then your experience will be much different. 

An over activated nervous system is often the underlying cause of many of our self limiting beliefs and actions, and our mental instabilities. The key is to begin to fully process and resolve the trauma and stress that is stored in our body to shift our limitations.

Intrigued? Let’s do this!  Space is REALLY limited.

Warning. This shit goes deep, takes time, and works on a totally different level than most modalities. If you’re sick of overriding and pretending everything is awesome then SIGN UP NOW! :)

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