Seasonal Changes. And flowing with the Maui waterfalls

The seasons are a changing. The leaves are falling. Whistler/Blackcomb is open. The town of Tofino is empty. And most who migrate south hit the road a while ago. This is a time of transition. And one of the many times out of the year where us seasonal workers find ourselves wondering - 'What's next?' - 'Where should I go.' - 'What am I doing with my life?'.

I have to admit I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a steady job and a set income. Something I have never experienced. I wonder what it would be like to go home to my partner and kids and to have a house that I own – or at least to own more then what fits into my van. I think that comfort is comforting. That stability makes us feel stable. And for many the uncertainty of not knowing what's next can be stressful.

But do we ever know what’s going to happen next?

The more I live this nomad lifestyle, the more I feel free and unattached to the outcome of the unknown. The more I learn to trust and be open to the endless possibilities.

How often do you hear about the full time banker who quit her job because she was offered work teaching yoga in Mexico? Not often. But when that full time banker quits her job because she realizes it's not who she is and not what makes her happy she has opened herself up to a whole new world of opportunities.

I’m a firm believer in doing what you love, and loving what you do. Whether it’s working towards or in the career you dreamed of. Marrying, raising children and creating a family. Traveling. Studying. Or maybe becoming a gypsy. Do so with an open mind and trust that if you are following what feels right and do what you want to be doing incredible things will happen from there.

Questions of - 'What's next?' - 'Where should I go.' - 'What am I doing with my life?' become exciting. It becomes less about the answers and more about the journey along the way.

So go. Put yourself out there, trust and become available to do the things you dream of doing. From there magic happens. And somehow it always works out.

This months yoga video was filmed at one of the many stunning waterfalls up the Hana Hwy on Maui. I showed up midday and had the place to myself. The peacefulness and the energy was amazing and I was able to film the video, go for a skinny dip and bask in the beauty of it all for well over an hour. Just as I was packing up three people arrived and on my hike back out I passed another seven. Gotta love the magic of Maui.


I honor you. Love Nicole