Peace, Love and Yoga.

Here you have it! A little holiday yoga video for you. Though it gives off more of a 'being on holiday' feel then it does a 'holiday season' kind of feel...

This yoga video is all about exploring flexion in your torso which is one of my favorite things to practice. So many of us carry so much tone in our back muscles. Society may lead you to believe that to balance out back issues you have to strengthen your core. I call bull shit. I can rant on this topic for hours, but that I'm saving for a future video. Don't worry. You'll get a taste of it in this one...

The movements in this video can commonly be confused with doing a core work out or sit ups but it's not. Please please please drop any concepts you have of doing this to get a six pack or strengthening your core, and instead explore this video with curiosity. Instead of worrying about engaging your 'core', think about how you can change your organization and involve more of yourself into the movement so that it begins to become easier and more accessible for you. How can you find more mobility in your pelvis, ribs, spine, head and eyes so that your back muscles (extensors) can learn to lengthen and your front torso muscles (flexors) can learn to engage when required. Very heavily feldenkrais influenced and I know personally my back always feels a ton better after I do this kind of work.

If you come across questions or have some comments don't hesitate to share them with me!

All the best over the holiday time. May it be filled with delicious food, good company, love and many laughs.

I honor you. With love. Nicole

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