Choices. Ice cream. And a yoga video. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

While sitting in a cafe the other day, a little girl came pouting up to her mom. Sobbing, she placed her head on the table with that 'feel sorry for me look' on her face. Her moms response was wonderful. "Right now you have the choice. You can continue to keep crying, or you can realize that you and your sister can share." She wasn't told to stop crying. Or to toughen up. Or to get over it. She was reminded of her options and her own ability to choose. So often when we get caught up in the heat of the moment and our emotions run wild, we react in the way we know best. We cry, pout, get defensive, aggressive, or silent. It's easy for us to forget that we are responsible for these reactions and that ultimately we have other choices.

Now I'm not saying it's easy. But the more we become aware of our own behavior, reactions and patterns the more likely we are able to step back and recognize other ways to approach the situations we find ourselves in, which can often end up serving us for the better.

Like this little girl demonstrated so well. She choose to stop crying, to smile and laugh and enjoy her ice cream with her sister. Life isn't that bad after all...

This months yoga video was filmed in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where I have been spending most of my time the last 2 months. It's a stunning place, and if you are a surfer you'll LOVE the waves. Fast, steep, hollow and fun. (With more friendly waves not far away!) I have had an AMAZING time working for a friends surf camp teaching yoga and surfing. With no crying, pouting, defensiveness, aggressiveness, or silent treatments - well, other then that time that guy dropped in on me on an EPIC wave... I can say that life on the ocean is treating me well!

This session is great for everyone - although you may have to be prepared to work just a little. Enjoy!

Love Nicole

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