Giving thanks. For movement, travel, surf and love.

Ok. Thanksgiving in Canada has past. So you may say I'm late on giving thanks. But American Thanksgiving is still a month away. So you could also say I'm early! Really it doesn't matter. Because it's not about being thankful for just one weekend of the year. It's about being grateful all the time.

I often find I have those magical moments. That 'F*$k life is so good' feeling that comes out of no where. And to me nothing beats that. Everything so right and so amazing. Life is good and it's thanks to the opportunities I've been given, the choices I've made, the attitude I have and the people I surround myself with that makes me grateful for where I am, who I am and what I have. I am thankful that I can share that fortune and love with everyone in my life.

I invite you to bring awareness to what makes you feel good and what you are grateful for. Acknowledge, be thankful and share that amazingness with others. A little love and gratitude goes a long way.

This months yoga video was filmed in Vancouver BC over looking downtown and the docks close to Granville Island. Vancouver is one of my favorite cities. Surrounded by ocean and mountains, this place is packed with adventurous sport fanatics. If only it had a consistent wave...

Be warned you'll have to work a little in this video. But you'll get to chill some too.


I honor you. Love Nicole

p.s. Join me in the Baja. Nov 23-30th!