Get your back into it... June's Yoga Video, Tofino BC

Here's this months video. My options on where to film out here are endless, with lush rainforest and stunning beaches around every corner.  It may rain LOTS, but there is a constant beauty and sense of serenity that blankets this region. I have only worn a bikini once, warm my hands while surfing by sticking them in my armpits and feel that my showers can never be hot enough. Regardless, the pacific north west is winning over my heart! This months yoga session explores some simple flexion and extension/rounding and arching of your back. Your spine is made up of a whole lotta vertebrae, and when you find more freedom in the muscles surrounding them you will discover greater mobility and comfort in your back. I invite you to really explore finding the ease in your movements during this video. If you feel like one part of your back is straining more then another then do less!

I hope you find time to roll out your mat and give it a go! Enjoy.

Love Nicole.

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