Get on it!!! Tomorrow...

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year!? Yes. I’m a bit behind in sending out the typical New Years hurrah... The intention was there to send out a little something to you over the holidays, but an intention doesn’t always lead to action. I’m sure you can relate!

I, (probably) like you, don’t always get around do doing the things I want to do. We can find excuses and justify all we want but that doesn’t change the outcome.

I’ll admit that I believe things unfold in a way that we have no control over. It seems fitting to use my favorite Arabic word In sha'Allah, which means if god wills it.

Things may happen when they’re meant to happen, BUT ultimately we have control of our actions, reactions and the choices we make. We put ourselves out there. The results happen as they happen.

I challenge you to become more aware of your actions, reactions and ability to choose because the outcome may lead to some pretty amazing opportunities!

Lots of love! Nicole

This session taps into strength. Not too intense, but will get you planking for sure. Filmed amongst the painted rocks in Tafraout, Morocco. A place well worth a visit!! Watch out for the video bombers....