Disconnect to Connect.

Earlier this month I went on a birthday adventure up to the remote northern tip of Vancouver Island. There were many aspects of the trip that made it memorable. The canoe journey down the tidal river (not to be done on a low tide – we learned the hard way…) The expected rain. Welcoming the warm, spring sun. Seeing the northern lights. Being stared down by a pack of wolves. The long days filled with surf, lazing on the beach and being with good friends. Its trips like this that remind me how amazing it is to step away from routines, to-do lists and the reliance of‘being connected’ to the internet. Nothing beats spending time out in the open air with nothing to do, nowhere to be and all the time in the world to sit back and simply enjoy.

I’m finding, though, that now a days so many of us are becoming less connected with what’s going on around us and are instead sucked into a world that can be hard to call a reality.

Don’t get me wrong. The invention of the internet has changed our world and has created so many amazing opportunities. But our reliance and addiction to it is what’s becoming worrying. Are we becoming totally disconnected to reality?

I challenge you to put your phones away more often. To sit in front of your computers a little less, and to take in and be present with the people and things that surround you.

Connect with friends afar, but when you’re with your friends that are near, give them your full attention. Take a picture, but then put down your phone and take in everything your camera missed. When you have nothing to do and are waiting, wait and take in the show that is playing out in front of your eyes.

When you drive, drive. When you walk, walk. When you talk, talk. When you eat, eat. Be present with what’s going on around you. Set time aside for your computer and phone and when you’re on them be present and attentive to the tasks at hand. (How many times have you gone on Facebook to do one thing, only to realize half an hour later that you don’t even remember what that thing was…).

Curious to know if you’re addicted?

Common signs and symptoms of having an addiction.

People who consistently use their smart phone continue to do so because it makes them feel good. It makes them feel like they’re part of something. It stops them from feeling lonely. Alone. Bored. In many cases, however, there is a fine line between regular use and addiction. Very few addicts are able to recognize when they’ve crossed that line.

  • You grab your phone to avoid silence, time alone or to because you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. If you find yourself waiting alone, or go too long without checking email, Facebook, instagram, twitter etc, you experience symptoms such as nausea, restlessness, insomnia, depression, sweating, shaking, and anxiety. The only way to feel relief is to get on your phone.
  • You’ve lost control over your phone use. You often are on it more than you planned, even though you told yourself you wouldn’t. Just one more scroll. One more video. One more game… You may want to stop using. You know you could spend your time doing other productive things. But you feel powerless and you give in.
  • Your life revolves around having your phone on you. You spend a lot of time using and thinking about being on your phone. You figure out ways to check your phone even when it’s not appropriate to see if you’re missing anything. While you cross the road. While you’re driving, while you’re with friends. While sitting on the toilet.
  • You’ve built up a tolerance and are dependent. You no longer think for yourself. You’re on it all the time. You rely on your phone to prove useless facts, to do simple math, to be told how much to tip and to tell you what time the bus is coming. In the past you used your phone for emergencies or the odd phone call or text. Now you need it on you at all times and know everything at any given time. You have this access to information at your finger tips and can’t imagine anything different.
  • You’ve abandoned activities you used to enjoy, such as hobbies, sports, and socializing, because being on your phone takes up all your time.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, maybe it’s time for you to make a change in your life. Try a dose of Nature. I hear that shit does wonders.

I honor you.


I filmed this while up on my camping/surf/bday adventure. We came across this little cave while strolling the beaches just as the rain started the day before. I didn't set the best camera angle so I am a little lost in the darkness, but it doesn't matter because there is little to be seen in this video anyways! The sound may be a little off to as I recorded the voice over with my phone in the woods... How to make it happen in the middle of no where!

This months video is a feldenkrais lesson all about exploring the movement in your pelvis. When we learn to find more mobility in our pelvis we find more comfort in our low back and hips. Keep your movements simple and small. Play with finding easy and smoothness in the movements. Be curious. And most importantly enjoy!