Celebrating Community and a Little Candle Light Yoga

It’s my birthday soon. Yeah – time for cake! Not that I need an excuse… While reflecting back on the past years I came to realize that what has impacted me the most is not the places I’ve visited, or the experiences I’ve had. It’s the people I’ve met along the way. The people we connect with in our community, at work, at school, while traveling, on the trails or in the surf. They all contribute to our experiences and our memories. They can influence who we are, what we believe in and what we stand for. It’s truly amazing how we can all impact one another. That’s why (in my opinion) finding friends and being part of a community that creates an environment for growth and encourages you to be all that you can be is so important.

Whether people are in your life for a day or for a lifetime, celebrate them. And remember. You may be as much of an influence on them as they are on you.

May your destinations be special, the journey be full of many adventures, and the people you meet along the way leave you with endless memories and a sense of what and who is important to you.

To all of those who I have had the privilege to share my moments with – thank you.

Love Nicole

While driving up the Baja, before hopping in a plane to go to Hawaii, I stopped in at a hotel in Oakland CA to film this video. It's super chill and gets good and deep into those feet and hips. For those of you with bad knees, please be honest with yourself. If you feel something, STOP. Sit on blocks or cushions, or adjust yourself so that you are comfortable. Enjoy!

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