Appreciating fall explorations.

This fall is the first time I haven't gone off to explore and work somewhere tropical in a really long time. And it feels good. The sun might not be as strong, but it still shines. The water might not be warm, but it's more than surfable. There are plenty of adventures to go on, parties to go to and people to see. Plus, it's kind of nice sleeping under a thick duvet while the fresh, brisk air blows in through my slightly cracked window. Winters coming. And soon I will be heading to warmer places. But for now, I enjoy being home, appreciating what this amazing place has to offer.

This months video was filmed at one of my favorite spots, and one I only recently really explored. A 2 km hike along a moss infested board walk, over trickling streams and through dense rainforest, spits you out into paradise. When the tide is low you can walk for hours from cove to cove, taking in the beauty of the rugged rock formations, sand dunes and endless beach.

Come visit. I'll take you there.

This session is all about getting a sense of yourself in space. Feeling yourself in 3 detentions as you move through your practice. Not too chill. Not too much work.

Turns out I placed my mat at an interesting angle... I seem to have a thing with bending over and having stuff beam out of my ass! In the Hamburg video it was a fountain. Here it's the sun. There you have it. The sun shines out of my ass. Haha!

Enjoy. Love Nicole