Ah Crap! I forgot my passport! Good thing it worked out. A yoga video from Hawaii.

AH! Crap! I forgot my passport! Yup. That was me. At work. In Whistler. 24 hours before my flight was leaving. My passport a 7 hour car/ferry ride away. My heart going a mile a minute, inappropriate words flooding out of my mouth. Shit. I’ll admit. I was stressed.

But like always. It worked out. A friend of mine who just happened to see my emergency freak-out post on Facebook was flying Tofino to Vancouver the next day. She arrived at 230pm. I flew at 530pm. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

The thing is if it wouldn’t have worked out that way, something else would have come together. Because it always does.

Can you relate? When things don’t go as planned do you get anxious, overwhelmed and freak out or are you able to recognize that ‘It’s going to work out.’. Bob Marley said it best. “Don't worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright”.

It’s all about your prospective. It’s about how you deal with the situation and how you react to the stresses in your life.

The purpose of stress is to kick you into reacting – fight or flight. Make shit happen. This is the good type of stress. The one you need to survive.

The bigger the stress/situation, the more your body prepares to survive. When your life is threatened your body responds but before long, when you know we are safe again, your body calms down and you no longer feel stressed.

It's obvious you’re under stress in these types of situations, but what about everyday small stuff.

It's the continuing pressure from work, home, family, relationships, money and even your environment that can cause a build up of stress that you are often unaware of. You create your own stress by over analyzing, from fear, worrying, rushing, assuming or not communicating. It's these types of stressors and the hurried, tense lifestyle that comes with them that you can easily get caught up in and even get addicted to. It can get to the point where you start looking for stressful situations or feeling stress about things that aren't stressful.

These long-term situations are hard on you mentally and physically. The nervous system senses continued pressure and may remain slightly activated and continue to pump out extra stress hormones over an extended period. This can wear out you body's reserves, leave you feeling depleted or overwhelmed, weaken your body's immune system, and cause other problems.

It's these situations that you need to become aware of. With that awareness you can learn to change the situation, change how you handle them or change your attitude towards them.

Doing things like forgetting your passport and getting stressed is healthy. Natural. Important. Part of life. But watch out for the everyday stresses in your life.

This months video took me over 2 weeks to do. It took 3 tries – round one the light was crap. Round two my camera batteries died. Thank goodness round three was successful. It took me a lot longer to get everything edited and uploaded due to poor internet and transferring issues. I could have let it stress me out. But instead I took my time and I enjoyed being on holidays in Hawaii with family and friends. And now it's ready and I am happily relaxed and enjoying life on the Hawaiian Islands.

I encourage you to really consider what in life is worth stressing over? Start living a happier, more easy going life already!

I honor you.

Love Nicole

A little flow amongst the palm trees on the Big Island of Hawaii. Modify as you need to and always make sure you’re breathing!

I hope you enjoy it!