A West Coast Flow. Rain. Fog. And Yoga.

August, also know in Tofino as Fogust. The typical West Coast weather has finally arrived and I have to admit I am grateful to see a bit of rain. My wetsuit tan lines are getting pretty distinct. My eyebrows are extremely blonde. And the grass was starting to turn yellow. We do live in a rainforest after all. This weather is expected! What I love about the people out here is that the weather doesn't stop them. So often when it turns sour outside people use it as an excuse to stay inside. But not here. People continue on with their day as if nothing has happened. The wind turns off shore making the surf clean and fun. The inlet turns into a mystical, magical fairytale land waiting to be explored. Everything seems to feel a little more alive. The only disadvantage is my wetsuits never seem to dry...

This months video was filmed in the rain on Kennedy Lake, Vancouver Island. It's a flow so there's lots of moving involved. I suggest having some experience before giving this video a go as its a bit faster paced with a few more challenging moves. Don't be afraid to modify and move at a speed that is more appropriate for you. For a more mellower practice check out the Candle Light Yoga or my favorite Yoga In the Airport.


Love Nicole.