I am Nicole Lohse. I surf. I do yoga. And Feldenkrais. From time to time I'll ski or bike too. I very much enjoy traveling (especially when surfing is involved). I love chocolate. And Nutella. Mainly with a spoon. In my opinion nothing beats life on the ocean. Naps. Laughing. Good company. A home cooked meal and anything made with lots of butter. Because every things better with butter (and Nutella).

My passion lies in sharing my experiences, knowledge and love for what gets me excited with others in hopes that they too get excited and inspired!

I've been teaching yoga since 2005, finished my Feldenkrais Training in 2012 and am currently enrolled in the Somatic Experiencing Training. My classes, surf coaching and one on ones are designed for you to learn, explore & gain a better understanding of how you can tap into your potential - physically, mentally and spiritually.

Whether it’s by guiding you through your Feldenkrais lesson or yoga practice. Helping you through your limitations with a one on one. Coaching you out in the surf. Or with my writing, photos and videos. My hopes are to inspire you, to make you think, to make you dream and inspire you to step out of your box.

When you believe, trust and put yourself out there, anything is possible. So what are you waiting for!?